Squirmish Makes The Noise on Toys’ “Best New Games and Puzzles in 2018” List

Squirmish was one of 16 games picked as one of “The Best New Puzzles and Games in 2018” by The Noise on Toys!

You can read The Noise on Toys full review of Squirmish here (including the opinions of both a 12-year-old and an adult).

“A cute introduction to card battling games. In this version, game play is appropriately simplified – no complex drafting of your deck before the game, just random hands to play. We love the googly eye hit counters and the fun sense of humour, especially the quirky commentary that so aptly suits the off-the-wall characters and their odd-ball abilities.” – The Noise on Toys

You Can Now Get ALL the Current Squirmish Characters as T-Shirts!

As of today, you can now get ALL the current Squirmish characters (76 of them with the promo cards) as t-shirts on Threadless! Since these shirts are print-on-demand (rather than filling a warehouse), you could potentially own the only shirt of your favorite character! All characters are also available as hoodies, sweatshirts, toddler and baby bodysuits, blankets, duvets, throw pillows, beach towels, tote bags, weekender bags, laundry bags, zip pouches, journals, notebooks, and even shower curtains. Branded nose-hair clippers not yet available. #squirmish #squirmishgame #gamewright #game #games #tcg #cardgame #cardgames #tabletop #tabletopgame #tabletopgames #shirts #tshirts

Squirmish from Gamewright in Stores Now! Read the latest review!

The new edition of Squirmish from Gamewright is in stores now! It has many improvements over the old edition… including the frequently-requested improvement of square cards! Other improvements include increased game speed, a revised order of play, new card-back art, and googly-eye hit counters! You can see the updated rules here.

The updated edition received its first review at geeksvsgeeks.com the other day. Here is a short excerpt:

“Due to the quick setup, short game length (20-30min avg) and easy gameplay it is easy for everyone to jump in quick. We soon had a lively table of giggles, fist pumps and exciting shouting. The victory shout was especially deafening, especially because it involved stealing a card away from dear old dad.”

You can order directly from Gamewright here, and also see what local stores in your area have ordered copies.

You can order off of Amazon here (where you can also leave a review if you want to really help us out).

SQUIRMISH Coming Soon to Stores Near You From Gamewright

Squirmish, the card game of brawling beasties, will be making it’s debut this week at the New York Toy Fair as the newest addition to Gamewright‘s excellent library of games!

Here is the new trailer for the game:

I had contacted Gamewright last year in hopes that they may want to license Squirmish. Gamewright was my first pick for a publisher for Squirmish, as my daughters and I love many of their games (I recommend Sushi Go! Party, Forbidden Island and Rat-A-Tat Cat, to name a few), all of their games are aimed at the same demographic (casual games that are equally fun for kids and adults), and they have great distribution (the Target up the street from us generally has over half a dozen of their games in stock).

To my delight, they were enthusiastic about the prospect of publishing Squirmish… so very soon, Squirmish will be reaching a much wider audience.

The artwork for the new Squirmish card back (yes, the cards are square!). The card back is available as a t-shirt by clicking on the image.

In collaboration with Gamewright, a number of improvements have been made to the game (like the often-requested square cards… and new googly-eye damage counters!). You can check out the updated Squirmish 2.0 rules here.

Watch for it soon at a store near you!

SQUIRMISH: Coming soon from Gamewright!
Mock up of the new Squirmish game box

Squirmish Reviewed at The Dice Have It, Forensic Gameology and Boardgamer’s Ballroom

Squirmish has been recieved a few more reviews in recent weeks. Check them out!

“There is a ton of replay ability here… All of the boys, including Dad, are fans of Pokémon and Squirmish has provided a fresh and simple take on card battling games. The variety that is found within the game is really amazing.” – 8 0f 10 Stars at The Dice Have It.

Here’s a review and a playthrough video from Forensic Gameology:

Here is a review of Squirmish in German, from Boardgamer’s Ballroom: