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Reviews for SQUIRMISH: The Videogame of Brawling Beasties:

“The first thing that stands out about the game is how much it looks and feels just like the card game in terms of presentation and artwork. All the cards the game has are in this digital copy with bright neon green background, crazy colors, characters zany and the whole thing feels like it was vomited up by a unicorn who had a fantastic day at the carnival eating all the candy and taking all the rides. And let me make myself clear, this is not a bad thing.” – Dad Geek at Geeks Vs. Geeks

“…Card game enthusiasts (especially anyone who enjoys the Pokemon TCG) will have a lot to chew on as they find their favorite strategies and monsters.” – Recommended on Steam by PewterPiranha

“I’m not familiar with the tabletop game it’s based on (imagine having IRL friends ;p), but this game’s got a nice balance of having a solid tutorial and loads of depth (especially in terms of card interactions/synergies). fantastic hand-drawn art, monster designs, and the sense of humor is genuinely amusing and endearing. plus the voice acting is delightful. seems like a robust package, will have to wrangle some friends together to go for some online shenanigans.” – Recommended on Steam by MarshMelody

Review from Sammy Salamy:

Review from Satanclaws:

Reviews for Squirmish, the Card Game of Brawling Beasties Version 2.0:

Here is a video review from Wood 4 Sheep Games:

“Since there are so many different characters and different things that you can do… I mean, that deck is fat with characters… so you’re going to replay this quite often.” – Wood 4 Sheep Games

Squirmish was The Game of the Week in January 2023 at Character Creation Roleplaying. Check out this review there from 8-year-old George:

“I like it. It’s fun… and its really funny.” – George at Character Creation Roleplaying.

Squirmish was listed as one of the “Ten Best Board Games for Kids” by kid reviewer Raphael Tan (aka The Board Game Expert): “Squirmish is a fun card game by Gamewright that encourages children to think strategically and reinforces the concept of probability.”

“Squirmish is a quirky little card battling game, that isn’t asking to be taken too seriously. It is a goofy and humorous game, but it still offers some strategy and player choice.” – Naomi Laeuchli at

“Squirmish is a very original card-battle game with the most incredibly imaginative monsters. I can’t stress enough how funny the creatures are in this game. From their pictures, to their descriptions, to their powers – it’s all so creative and hilarious.” – Ryan Billingsley at


Squirmish was one of 16 games picked as one of “The Best New Puzzles and Games in 2018” by The Noise on Toys!

You can read The Noise on Toys full review of Squirmish here (including the opinions of both a 12-year-old and an adult).

“A cute introduction to card battling games. In this version, game play is appropriately simplified – no complex drafting of your deck before the game, just random hands to play. We love the googly eye hit counters and the fun sense of humour, especially the quirky commentary that so aptly suits the off-the-wall characters and their odd-ball abilities.” – The Noise on Toys

“Squirmish is a wonderful crazy card game you will want to play all the time. This is because its full of action from start to finish and players are constantly involved in the battle. Add a great graphic design and you get a delicacy that will become a favorite of all. Squirmish reminds us of the extremely successful Munchkin. And we hope, that it will get similarly excellent attention of all the players.” – (translated) from

Squirmish made #58 on the top 100 list of games at Benjamin’s Board Game Blog!

“This is a fun, crazy, card battle game that exceeded my expectations. There are so many abilities on the various beasts on the board, especially in a 3-4 player game, it can get really crazy. I usually am not a big fan of games making you say things aloud, but I actually like the added flair of the battle cry bonus, only because I feel it fits the tone of this game 100%. You know, it is kinda funny and hard to explain, because there are aspects of the game that are normally potential detractions for me: cards are text-heavy, gameplay is luck-heavy, and saying a phrase or word aloud as an actual mechanic. However, for what it sets out to be, the formula comes together in an appealing way to equal FUN.” – Benjamin at Benjamin’s Board Game Blog

“We’ve played a lot of card battle games over the years. While the theme generally varies from one to the next, the mechanics of these games are very similar… Seldom do I open a card battle game box and go, “Hmmm. That’s a cool component.” But that’s what happened when I opened Squirmish from Gamewright.” – Sahm Reviews

Here is a video review from How Lou Sees It:

“It’s really fun to play, really funny cards, and really fun to see all the different types of abilities and how you can try to utilize those during each game.” – Landon Squire at How Lou Sees It

Here is a video review from Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower:

“It’s also pretty easy to learn. This works for kids, it gives them some choices to make, it lets them roll dice. It works for adults… this is a silly game! But sometimes, silly is what we need. Dice Tower judgement… SILLY! But approved!” – Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower

“Squirmish is a fun, family-friendly game which surprised me a bit with the depth of play. When I read the rules, I thought that it would be too kiddy-like. While the artistic style and the humorous text on the cards makes it appropriate for kids, the actions on the cards does give the gamer something to work with! … If you’re looking for a game to introduce the concepts of individual card actions and combat, this would be a good choice. It also will be a good filler for gamers looking for a few laughs mixed in with their gaming.” – Dale Yu at

“While there is a lot of reading and there are a lot of details, it’s a neat battle game where players are constantly engaged. We found we were never bored because we were either watching battles and screaming at the dice for specific rolls, or we were fighting against other players (and screaming at the dice for specific rolls). There’s continual movement and moving in Squirmish, and we loved how interactive it is.” – Whitney at Hexagamers

“Due to the quick setup, short game length (20-30min avg) and easy gameplay it is easy for everyone to jump in quick. We soon had a lively table of giggles, fist pumps and exciting shouting. The victory shout was especially deafening, especially because it involved stealing a card away from dear old dad… Usually games by Gamewright deliver in their promise of an easy accessible, family friendly game and they do not disappoint with Squirmish. With it they delivered a wacky, zany game that can help develop skills in comprehensive reading, probability, strategic thinking and even conflict resolution.” – Dad Geek at

Here is an unboxing video of the 2018 Gamewright edition of Squirmish from The Dice Tower:

Reviews for Squirmish, the Card Game of Brawling Beasties Version 1.0:

“Overall, I’ve had fun with Squirmish both with my kids and with adult players. I think it’s a lot of fun for families. The dice-based abilities mean that there’s still a good amount of chance involved, which gives less-experienced players a chance to take on more-experienced players, so gamers who want something with pure strategy may not like it quite as much. And don’t forget to shout your battle cries as you enter the fray!” – Jonathan H. Liu at Geekdad.

“There is a ton of replay ability here… All of the boys, including Dad, are fans of Pokémon and Squirmish has provided a fresh and simple take on card battling games. The variety that is found within the game is really amazing.” – 8 0f 10 Stars at The Dice Have It.

Squirmish ranked #15 in Coby’s top 25 Games of 2018 list (down from #11 in the previous year) at The Dice Have It.

“It’s a really good game! I like the fighting.” – Ty (age 9) at Board Gaming at Home.

“Ty’s age, absolutely brilliant game. If there’s one downside, it’s the sheer variety.” – Russell at Board Gaming at Home.

“I like all the little characters that have been made up… they’re great fun.” – Kelly at Board Gaming at Home.

“It’s a simple card game, but it has a lot of meat to it… If you’re looking for a battling card game that you can introduce to people to maybe even get them into bigger and deeper games, this is a great introduction to do so.” – David at Sit Down Standard.

“It’s pretty straightforward and it’s quick to learn, but there’s a lot of different beasts and abilities.” – Alyssa at Sit Down Standard.

“I get several requests for Kickstarter previews every week. Recently, I was sent a request for coverage for a game called Squirmish that was designed by a gentleman named Steven Stwalley. My heart sunk a little bit when I saw the words “card” and “combat” in his elevator pitch, but that all went away when I looked over the art assets he gave me. Squirmish’s art is juvenile, obnoxious, and maybe even a little gross. In other words? I loved it.” – Stephen Duetzmann at Engaged Family Gaming.

“This game is made in direct response to collectible card games aimed at the pre-teen age group, such as Pokemon. There are battling monsters in this game, but unlike a collectible game, everything you need to play is included in one box. I’m a Pokemon Professor and Judge for the card game, so I was really very interested to try this out. It did not disappoint and actually exceeded expectations.” – Chandra Reyer at TSR’s Multiverse.

“I don’t know what to say other than you might like it and maybe others won’t. I am one of those who like it. I don’t think it will replace Pokemon for me, but it is much easier to carry around around than all my Pokemon equipment! It is not cute. However , there are some cute Squirmish monsters. Cawfeather, Opossrat, Killgor the Conquerer, Cupcake, and a few more. I say anyone 2nd grade to 9th might like it. The Battle Cries are really funny! But don’t attempt to make a Donald Duck voice for Pompaduck. Oh, and be sure to add Googly eyes. 😉 Heheheheheheheheh 🙂 (^._.^)/ Keep on Gaming! Meow!” – Chandra Reyer’s Daughter at TSR’s Multiverse.

“This is for sure a very surprising card game that I received. I did not have any expectations however I was blown away by how fun this was. It’s a high interactive brawling card game featuring a plethora of unique monsters and abilities. The learning curve is low and the rulebook is concise as stated earlier. I would play it again because of how much versatility and variety it offers.” – Joseph Nicholas at

“Want battling beasties that you don’t have to find in blind packs? Want the world’s best collection of creature designs, names, and battle cries (that provide +1 damage if shouted aloud during your turn) that I have ever seen? Want a kid’s card game you’ll actually want to play with your kid? Highly recommended.” -Zander Cannon (Eisner-award-winning cartoonist behind Kaijumax, Heck, and Top 10)

Here’s a review and a playthrough video from Forensic Gameology:

Here is a review of Squirmish in German, from Boardgamer’s Ballroom:

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