The Squirmish Deluxe Edition is on sale this week (August 15-22)! If you have been planning to buy a copy of Squirmish, now is the best time to do so. Savings start at $5, and go up to 33% off depending on how many people buy the game. The more people who buy the game (up to 100 people), the more money everyone saves. Tell your friends!


  1. If you buy a copy and email the receipt and your mailing address to info(at)squirmish.net, you’ll receive a special bonus in the mail as well!
  2. If you like the game, please consider reviewing it and letting folks know at boardgamegeek.com, thegamecrafter.com, and/or your social networking application of choice. Doing so also makes you eligible for another special bonus in the mail! Just email the link to the review and your mailing address to info(at)squirmish.net.


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