I’m sure you’ve already heard about all your friends playing this, the latest exciting trading card game turned into an augmented reality game craze you can play with your phone… STOP AND SQUIRMISH!

Yes, that’s right… some of your favorite Squirmish card characters are now manifesting themselves at different locations in reality, tempting you to run into traffic after them!


No need to download an app with loads of dubious permissions to play! Our augmented reality game has augmented reality using paper and staples.

Find 3 different characters posted on a telephone pole or bus stop near you, take their photos, post them to Twitter with the tag #squirmishgame & win a prize!

To claim your prize, email your posts to info(at) along with your mailing address, and, thru the wonders of technology, it will show up in your real-world mailbox!

Here are the prizes… one of four “Ultra-Rare Printer Error Variant” Squirmish cards!


Variant 1: Purple-Assed Mr. Bottom!


Variant 2: The Inverted Chauncey


Variant 3: Ugg With Poop Club


Variant 4: Off-Register Squinch


Note, due to a minor bug in the game, it currently only works in Minneapolis.

Learn more about Squirmish, the Minnesota-grown alternative to Pokemon, at







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