Meet the Squirmish™ Cards | Card #19: Pompadoo

Pompadoo, the cat with the pompadour hairdo, is a failed internet celebrity. Impressed by the popularity of Princess Monster Truck and Hipster Cat, Pompadoo figured his greasy pompadour hairdo would instantly land him fortune and fame. So far, it has only landed him a greasy hairdo, but he’ll keep trying.

Pompadoo is a good fighter… he always lands some damage, regardless of the roll. On 6, he does his cuddle claw, so smooth and gentle, his opponent’s don’t even know they just took 3 damage… and the attacked card can’t attack him on their next turn. Why would they? He didn’t do anything to them, right? And where is all this blood coming from?

Like an excited kitty pouncing on a mouse or spot of laser light, Pompadoo loves a moving target. Using his catnip crazy special ability, he does +2 damage to any card that moved on its last turn.

In spite of being a good fighter, Pompadoo is also a reluctant fighter. He hates to do anything that might mess up his hair. “Why must we fight, dollink?” is his battle cry. He rarely calls anyone by their actual name… indeed, he is so self-centered, he rarely bothers to remember names. He prefers to call everyone “dollink,” “baby,” “sveetcakes,” “punkin,” or “honey bunny boo.”

Pompadoo is another member of the Kitty Kat Club, and as such can not attack other members of said club.

Squirmish is now on Kickstarter here. This is a series of posts designed to help you learn a bit about some of the cards before you play the game.

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