Meet the Squirmish™ Cards | Card #18: Uno Ojo

“There is only one way to look at things. My way!”

There is only one way to view things, and that is the way Uno Ojo sees things… as plain as the eye on his face. Uno Ojo always knows what is correct. All other viewpoints are wrong.

Had Uno Ojo not decided to be a demon when he grew up, he certainly would have had a successful career in politics.

Try to see things through Uno Ojo’s eye at your own peril. His tunnelvision does three damage to a card, and makes it so the attacked card must attack Uno Ojo on their next turn. Why would Uno Ojo want another card to attack him? Using his evil eye special ability, when attacked, Uno Ojo rolls a die… and on a 5 or 6, the attacker takes the damage from their own attack instead of Uno Ojo.

A member of The Cyclopsean Cychos, when his group is active, Uno Ojo can re-roll once for each member in play. Since his worst attack and special ability already happen on a 5 or a 6, this makes him very likely to succeed in using them when his group is active.

Squirmish is now on Kickstarter here. This is a series of posts designed to help you learn a bit about some of the cards before you play the game.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Squirmish™ Cards | Card #18: Uno Ojo”

    1. Of course you are correct in your love of Uno Ojo, who completely agrees with you that he is extremely lovable, and that he has one lovely eye for which he is named. Indeed, there is no other way to feel about him… it is, in fact, completely impossible to even imagine another viewpoint on the subject. This conviction will only grow the longer you stare into his beautiful, beautiful eye.

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