Meet the Squirmish™ Cards | Card #10: Cupcake


Card #10 is Cupcake, another member of the Kitty Kat Club… those clever cats who never attack one another.

Cupcake, one of the cutest Squirmish cards, is named after her favorite thing in the world.

Cupcake’s battle cry is “I’ll do anything for a cupcake!” This is true- she is a fickle friend indeed, as her loyalties are easily bribed with the pastry.

Strangely, she has no particular love for other kinds of cake… while she certainly enjoys a good birthday cake, it just does not ignite her passions in the same way. Something about the small and simple cupcake, with its frosting, sprinkles and paper wrapper, interests her in a way that no other sweet can. Perhaps it is because she does not have to share it?

In any case, her cupcake habit has made her grow quite large… she rarely goes a day without eating at least 50 cupcakes… indeed, she eats little else. She prefers them with pink frosting. Much like the flamingo’s pink hue is caused by its diet largely consisting of shrimp, Cupcake’s pink pallor comes from her constant consumption of red dye #2.

Her enormous size makes her quite a challenging opponent. 12 hitpoints is certainly nothing to sneeze at… and her attacks are pretty brutal. She never fails to cause damage with her basic attack… and on a six, she does her “Cherry on Top” attack, which, in addition to doing 3 damage, enables the player controlling her to draw a card which they can choose to immediately place.

Furthermore, every time Cupcake is attacked she can use her “Sprinkly Winkly” ability…  and her controlling player draws a card.

Controlling Cupcake is a great way to draw a lot of cards. This is particularly useful early in the game, before you have placed a lot of cards. Just remember, you can only have five cards in your hand and five cards in play at a time… any extras need to be discarded or placed (if you are in the placing phase of your turn) immediately.

Squirmish is now on Kickstarter here. This is a series of posts designed to help you learn a bit about some of the cards before you play the game.

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