Meet the Squirmish™ Cards | Card 5: Cheek Pockets

Squirmish is now on Kickstarter here. This is a series of posts designed to help you learn a bit about some of the cards before you play the game.

Card #5, Cheek Pockets, may not be a rodent of many words, but is a trickier challenger than you may at first think. “My muv muts,” he says, and indeed he does… his cheeks are always filled acorns, pecans and walmuts. Sometimes he even “cheeks away” some filberts on a particularly lucky day of nut scavenging. He is rarely without something to eat.

If he gets a 6 on his basic attack, he unleashes his Rapid-Fire Nut Spit, unloading his cheeks full of saliva-covered nuts all over his victim. His gooey goobers can do considerable damage… to determine the damage, the controlling player rolls again, and the amount rolled is the damage done.

After doing this, his face looks rather like a deflated balloon… his formerly taut cheeks are left dragging upon the ground. However, he is extremely quick at gathering up a new supply… and when left defenseless in an area where he can find no nuts, he simply regurgitates up his last meal into his cheeks to prepare for further combat.

He’s just a little guy, so you would think he would be easy to knock out, but it isn’t that easy. When attacked he often scurries away quickly while mumbling unintelligible expletives… he gets away successfully if the controlling player rolls a 6. Even if you hit him, 11 hitpoints are a good amount… he’s a pretty tough little fella.