Meet the Squirmish™ Cards | Card 2: Opossrat

Card 2: Oppossrat

Squirmish is now on Kickstarter here. This is a series of posts designed to help you learn a bit about some of the cards before you play the game.

Opossrat is the second card in the Squirmish™ deck. Part opossum, part rat, all warrior. She is tougher than she looks… her prehostile tail works like a whip with spiky hairs on the end.

Her basic attack always does damage, regardless of the roll, which is a big plus. She also has a really nice defense… attackers can only attack her if they roll a 5 or a 6… otherwise she fools them by playing dead.

She’s very convincing at playing dead. She will stagger around clutching her chest melodramatically before she is even hit saying something like “OH! MY TICKER! IT’S A GIVIN’ OUT!” or “MAYBE I SHOULDNTA EATEN THAT MOLDY MUFFIN I FOUND BY THE LATRINE!” or “YOU BROKE MY HEART, BOBBY JOE, YOU SCOUNDREL!”

She then falls to the ground with a thud and gurgles out a “death rattle.” This is followed by her using some special glands to emit a horrific “rotting meat and pickles” stench as she somehow does an uncanny imitation of a bugle playing the song “taps.”

Actually, the stench may have more to do with her defense being effective than her performance, come to think of it.

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