is the card game of brawling beasties!

You’ll need plenty of luck, strategy, and silly scrappers to knock out three of your opponents’ goofy goons. The rules are simple… draw, place, move or fight, and resolve special abilities… but the unique cards provide infinite variety (and hilarity) to the gameplay.

Squirmish is a fun alternative to mainstream character-battling card games designed to make kids buy packs and packs of cards to get the cards they want. The Squirmish deck includes all the cards you need to play and have fun… no buying endless packs of random cards necessary.


Squirmish comes in a few different editions. Set A and Set B include 54 unique cards each, as well as the rulebook and a 6-sided die. Counters are not included in Set A or Set B… we recommend using 0-shaped cereal for damage counters… fun and delicious!

Squirmish also comes in a deluxe edition that includes all 108 cards from Set A and B, as well as the rulebook, four 6-sided dice, 50 plastic counters, and a fancy cloth bag to keep them in… all at a lower price than buying Sets A and B combined.




You can download the full rules here.

To begin, you deal 5 cards to each player. The remaining cards become the deck, and you flip a card over to start the discard pile.

Each turn:


You can have up to five cards in your hand at a time. If you have more than that you place or draw a card immediately.


You can have up to five cards in the Squirmish (the mass of cards in the middle of the table) at a time. You can also place by replacing cards you placed earlier that have no damage on them.




Cards can generally only attack cards that are adjacent to them (to the top, bottom, left or right). When an attack is successful, you mark damage on the cards using damage counters. When a card has no hit points left, it is knocked out.


Special abilities are what gives this simple game its strategic complexity. These abilities can effect attacks, defense, healing and other elements of the game. There are also group abilities, which become active when more than one card belonging to a particular group is in play.





Squirmish is currently available in three editions. Set A and Set B both have 54 cards, the rulebook and a die. The Deluxe Set has all 108 cards from sets A and B, as well as the rulebook, 4 six-sided dice, 50 damage counters, and a fancy green bag… all at a lower price than buying sets A and B separately.

You can see what all three sets look like in our shop here.


Me and my awesome daughters / art assistants /play-testers.
My awesome daughters / art assistants / play-testers and me.

Above: The cover to the Squirmish rules. You can download the full rules here.

This project was conceived when my oldest daughter got into a kid’s collectible card game that, for our purposes here, we will refer to as “Pokeybutt.”

I was surprised to learn that “Pokeybutt” was not very fun to play, with ridiculously-complex rules that hurt the gameplay.

I found most of my daughter’s friends had no interest in playing Pokeybutt at all, and only purchased the cards to collect and trade them. While I don’t really have a problem with collecting things that give one pleasure (I’m a comic book collector myself), the emphasis on perceived (and dubious) value of cards over simple enjoyment of the game and cards themselves seemed bizarre.

While Pokeybutt was not particularly fun to play, it was inspiring for all it’s sheer missed opportunity. It got me thinking about what would make a truly fun card-fighting game… and one that would not require shaking down kids for all their lunch money to play. Thus, Squirmish was born.

The box includes all the cards you need to play Squirmish. You don’t need to buy endless packs of randomly-sorted cards to get the cards you want.

If the game is successful, I hope to make expansions for the game. Expansions will always include a complete set of the cards for that expansion.


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